Erin Carter

I just wanted to message you and say a huge THANK YOU!
I had an exam last week and it went really well. Completely different to previous ones. I didn’t throw up, there was no crying, I could manage to get words out, I had perfectly steady hands and the teachers were happy with how I went. We get our results in a few weeks, so I will find out then how different it actually was. I am so surprised at what a difference it made.
I still have 5 more exams to go this term, they are close together at the end of term – so will be interesting to see how they work out, but I am so much more confident. Other people were commenting on how I was different too.
You have made a world of difference, thank you so much.
Your very happy student,
Erin Carter
Student in Masters of Osteopathy and Diploma in Naturopathy – London University
Erin Carter