How to Help your Teen Grade Up for Exams while transforming Stress into Success


Covid19 has caused total disruption in our lives, businesses and our families and one that we are all especially aware of revolves around the education of our children and the hours they have lost during lockdown and restrictions.

For several years I have been helping students of all ages to calm their mind, reduce anxieties and adopt much better ways of learning and revising.

I’ve now put together a webinar for all you parents of teens,  for the same price of 2 coffees, to enable you to really help your child in a practical way, easily and on an ongoing basis without being pushed away.  Now is the best time to start for next year’s GCSEs.

Alternatively I am still doing one to one coaching directly with the students.

Here is the link to the Eventbrite page for the webinar


Here are some testimonials –

Thankyou so much for the help you’ve given a family member preparing for exams. Its such a challenging time and your help has been extremely valuable. This person was initially a little sceptical about the potential benefits but is now completely won over.

Nick Hodgetts, Ipswich

A lovely lady who travelled all the way from South London to Ipswich – that was a cost to her time, money and her hopes. I didn’t want to let her down and we spent 3 hours covering everything from mindset to the practical side – no 2 people have the same programme – it is developed as I see fit for that person.

Erin has given me permission to print her testimonial and has already recommended me.

I just wanted to message you and say a huge THANK YOU! 
I had an exam last week and it went really well. Completely different to previous ones. I didn’t throw up, there was no crying, I could manage to get words out, I had perfectly steady hands and the teachers were happy with how I went. We get our results in a few weeks, so I will find out then how different it actually was. I am so surprised at what a difference it made. 
I still have 5 more exams to go this term, they are close together at the end of term – so will be interesting to see how they work out, but I am so much more confident. Other people were commenting on how I was different too. 
You have made a world of difference, thank you so much.
Your very happy student,