Guest Post from a fellow Coach – Become a Leader Instead of a Manager to Build a Better Team


Become A Leader Instead Of A Manager To Build A Better Team During your career, you may have been employed by a few managers and you may even have been lucky enough to be on the team of a great leader. A leader will inspire everyone to do their best.
He will also make his team feel good about coming to work each day. When you have a manager, you will, in most cases, just show up, do your work and be done each day. Some managers may pit themselves against the employees. The entire workplace has an us and them attitude and are pitted against each other instead of joining forces and being a team that can work together to help the entire company. A Leader Inspires In some cases, a manager is somebody that hands out assignments and then disappears into his or her office.

But a leader is somebody the team will see regularly on a daily basis because she is involved and passionate. A leader will be a part of the team that carries the most responsibility but also remains available to give guidance. More importantly, a leader will inspire the team to function at their best and not order them to do so. A Leader Earns Respect Where a manager makes demands, a leader makes requests. Of course, there will be moments when a leader needs to take full control but only when the situation calls for it. By looking at your team as people with different skills and assets, and respecting each person’s own individual qualities, contribution and worth, you earn your team’s respect. The moment a team respects a leader, they will instinctively do their best.

A team respects a leader who stands beside them and works with them, not above them. Sometimes, this means being the first one at the office and the last one to leave. On the down side, as a leader, you will also be the one who has to make the hard calls.

It’s up to you to keep morale up and to be fair and treat everyone equally. This could result in having to get rid of someone who isn’t pulling their weight. A Leader Takes Responsibility If a project fails, regardless of what the cause was, take the responsibility for it. Don’t blame others. However, when a project is a success, a good leader doesn’t take full credit and is sure to credit the entire team for the success. Delegate duties and don’t micro-manage. Respect your employees enough to allow them to complete the tasks that you have assigned without interference unless you are asked to help. Have discussions where everyone can speak freely and consider their strategies. Just as it is important for a leader to give direction, it is also just as important to listen and see potential. Trust is a crucial part of building a good team and your team needs to know they can trust you to stand up for them. They need to know that you have their back in certain situations. Becoming a good leader takes time and experience.

Keep your mind open and truly see the potential in others. Treating people with respect often garners respect back. If you are just starting out in a position of authority, try to find a mentor that you can look up to and learn from. Ask questions and watch how he or she handles situations. Continue to educate yourself on how to become a better leader. You will make mistakes along the way but use each mistake to help you to continue to grow as a person that others want to follow. Nobody said being a leader is easy, but it’s definitely a position that can bring great personal rewards. Once you’re there, just remember that you have to serve your team and in return, they will carry you to success.

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