Exam Success Coaching


One of the most rewarding parts of my work is when I can help young people to see a bit further than their noses, looking beyond the immediate gratification of fun, playing computer games, hanging out with friends and procrastinating over their revision.

Many parents contact me regarding one to ones with their children who are stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by their impending exams and I enjoy taking each and every one up to a new level, a new way of thinking and focusing.

Parents often feel helpless  because there is a fine line between helping, empowering and what might be considered interfering by the young person in the year of revision, studying and taking the exams.

Each session is tailored to meet the person’s need, depending on what the real barriers are.  Many of the ‘reasons’ are just symptoms of something else and its important to get to the bottom of that first.

I then help them to set goals in a way that enables them to see the bigger picture ie this is so much more than just an exam. Although they know it’s their future at stake, they are very much influenced by peers and after a session with me, they have the tools to combat the pressures surrounding this. I’ve noticed in schools that although it’s cool to be clever, it might not be so cool to admit you’ve worked hard at it! This is a damaging notion that needs sorting from the start of the programme.

I take them through detailed goal setting, ensuring that their ‘Why’ is big and strong and then onto visualising success. Using NLP, I can show them how to use this powerful tool to create a pathway to success.

I help them to use all their senses to learn, remember and recall the information. I show them unique revision techniques and motivate them to start immediately with a plan of action.

One young client told her mother, after just one session, that she felt ‘inspired’ to get going.

Each young person is different and so then I may use one of several options in my toolkit to bring about a permanent mindset. A review with the parent, whilst keeping all conversations private, follows at the end.

If you’re interested in helping your child through this incredibly important but challenging time, to pass their exams, please contact me either here Nadia@naccoaching.co.uk or 01473 682760

I cover Suffolk and Essex for face to face coaching. Nationally if telephone coaching.

I just wanted to message you and say a huge THANK YOU!
I had an exam last week and it went really well. Completely different to previous ones. I didn’t throw up, there was no crying, I could manage to get words out, I had perfectly steady hands and the teachers were happy with how I went. We get our results in a few weeks, so I will find out then how different it actually was. I am so surprised at what a difference it made.
I still have 5 more exams to go this term, they are close together at the end of term – so will be interesting to see how they work out, but I am so much more confident. Other people were commenting on how I was different too.
You have made a world of difference, thank you so much.
Your very happy student,

I have worked with Nadia on many projects raising the aspirations of young people. Nadia is a fast thinker and adapts her style to suit every client group be it getting teachers and staff on board or young people with learning disabilities.
She has a genuine interest in seeing people achieve their potential and her warmth, enthusiasm and NAC specialism usually means people cannot fail to be inspired.

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Angela Edwards, EBP, Suffolk

Was referred to Nadia through a friend, she is very easy to work with and helped me considerably in tackling the mental side of my main sport, Cricket. Nadia has helped me overcome my fears and the pressures of playing at the higher levels of sport. My mind set has changed considerably over just a few months and I’ve never looked back! Nadia also helped me to structure my school work to reduce the stress that I was putting on myself to a great extent. I feel in control. Thank you Nadia.

Harry Cook, Ipswich