Nadia Cenci


Hi,  I’m Nadia Cenci and I’m a qualified confidence and performance coach and licensed NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner.

I help you to be confident, motivated, focused, high performing and inspired to Release your Genius!  

Find out more about personal confidence and performance coaching here

I love to help small business owners to out-perform, out-market and out-think their competitors with one to one coaching combined with my e-learning marketing system, that is second to none.  Go here to find out more.

I also deliver tailor-made workshops which I create specifically for your company and team. They are totally unique to your needs and budget and use NLP and interactive methods to embed the learning. Go here for more details

Last, but not least, is my work with young people. My speciality is helping them to pass their GCSE’s in order to set them up for a wonderfully rewarding and chosen career. Please take a look at the relevant page, if you are a concerned parent, or a young person feeling overwhelmed with your study load or lacking in motivation. It really can be changed around instantly!

The main purpose of NAC Coaching is to help you reach your full potential, achieve more, earn more, feel confident and great about yourself and to look forward to your next challenge with renewed vigour.

The purpose of NAC Business Growth Academy is to help you grow your business, your team, your confidence and certainty in it’s success, from starting up right through to building a multi million pound company.

For me confidence is the foundation of all success stories. Entwined with self belief, it can literally release intelligence and creativity alongside motivation and determination. And I believe I can bring out the genius in you!

Please take a look at what people have said about NAC Coaching, whether it be one of my confidence (life) coaching sessions, tailored business coaching programmes or one of my unique workshops.

I am passionate about helping you to achieve your personal and professional goals through improved confidence and performance. Whatever you think you want to achieve, I will be right there beside you, ensuring that you do not waste a minute more in achieving your goals.


Hire Nadia to help with confidence and building a strategic plan for implementation…I did this with Nadia NAC coaching, the only trouble with it was the list was too short (9 items) finished the list within a couple of days and now hungry for more! My levels of motivation have changed and instead of thinking too much now about doing something,I just get up and do, it’s like a magical force from within has been UNLEASHED!If you want the same, the very best. Contact Nadia Now, don’t wait too long she is always busy with writing books, speaking engagements, seminars, workshops mastermind groups and I think soon she will be too busy for 1 2 1 sessions, so get in there before she becomes too famous and has to become a tax exile or something… Hopefully, “You” get what I mean from writing this, take action, give her a call and get booked in ASAP, your personal & professional results depend on it!
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